Alternative Disputes resolution Means

The ancients knew at the stage of pre state the customary and tribal judiciary to solve their disputes and retrieve their rights, and with the stability of the state idea and political systems, the judiciary came into the top of the authorities of the state as the only formal mean for Litigation and settlement of all disputes that arises inside the state, and with the huge technological development of transportation and communication means and increasing of the average of the international trade the official judiciary became inappropriate {because of slow and inespeciality} to settle commercial disputes which need rapidity and specialty.

And…slowly…slowly, traders and investors began to come back to the customary juridical system but in a new form in what is called "Alternative disputes resolution means".

States started to use this means in the early of 1970 America and some European countries were the first who use it and lately Arab countries started to use it...Until it spreads between the public and private juridical entities and individuals.

The most commonly used of alternative disputes resolution in practical reality are; arbitration, mediation, conciliation, and investment disputes settlement committees.

There is no doubt that the growing role of Islamic Economics and the trend of many investors to work by it in  various areas of investment (direct and indirect) and the works of banks resulted in what is known as the legitimate means to resolve disputes, Such as, Islamic arbitration, conciliation and mediation.

And scientific group put these disputes (regular and Islamic) on the top of its works so, it assigns a complete teamwork and specialists in these means works to provide services of this means to the clients of the group or who wishes to use it in this regard.

So we welcome all of your requests and your participation in it.










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