Conference Agenda

Arab satellite conference

"Satellites Rights and Duties"

Postponement Statement


The Organizational Committee of the first Arab Satellite Conferences "Satellite .... rights and Duties" Announces postponement of the Conferences session and its activities, for many reasons which are too numerous to mention them all here), the Committee shall announce the date and venue of the next round of the Conferences later in various media Communications.

.Therefore, the Committee can only express its deepest thanks and appreciation to everyone supported and assisted in the establishing this significant event:

      1-      HE. Dr.  \ Ahmed Gwely: Secretary - General of the Council of Arab Economic Unity

2-      HE. Dr. \ Safwat El-Nahas: President of the Central Agency for Organization and  administration

3-      HE. Mr. \ Alaa Nemah: President of the High Coordination Committee between the Arab Satellite Channels


Many Thanks also for:


1-      Faculty of Mass Communication - Cairo University

2-      Faculty of Law - Banha University

3-      Arab Producer Union for TV Production

4-      Egypt Air


And special thanks for the great participation and supporting of:

1-      Yemen Minister of Media

2-      Saudi Ministry of Media

3-      Bahraini Minister of Media

4-      Gen. Dahi Khalfan: General commander of Dubai police

5-      Jordan national Media Council

6-      Nile Valley University Sudan

7-      Jenin University -  Lebanon

8-      Division of intellectual property rights Protection and combat piracy in Arab Radio and Television ART

9-     Members of the organizing Committee


The organizing committee expresses its appreciations to everyone for their kind attitudes and favors.  And promises that as soon as the causes of delay were removed it shall identify date of the festival, according to another agenda, in the same time it reserves all intellectual property rights for this event, ideas and activities thereof, which was registered in accordance with laws and rules in force in this regard, and warns of the use of any of them without prior specific permission of the scientific group for legal studies.




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