The world has recently witnessed a great development in the field of communications and information technology. This development which can be described as a technology revolution enhance the globalization principle which is based on communication between global individuals and entities which sums up the world into a small village.


All that lead the humankinds to leave the traditional systems in their daily transactions and replace them with electronic techniques in all life fields wither personally, commercially, scientifically, administratively, politically, Strategically or even Governmentally ( E-government). These techniques with modernity and efficiency in performance and speed of delivery have been considered standards for peoples and states progress.


These transaction are managed in different ways and for various purposes as some of them are private (personal), others are commercial which require concluding contracts and agreements and there are also services and formal kinds. Whatever way or purposes they have, they all eventually establish legal positions, have legal effects between parties and result many rights and obligations.


Although that massive and continuous development in communications technology and that growth of using it in different national and international transactions have achieved significant benefits to their users, they revealed the need to provide a legal frame to ensure safety and legality of their performance.


The importance and variety of E-Commerce as a new version of the national and international commerce, the transactions related to it such as: visual and audible communications and correspondence (offered by specialized international websites), mails and chat rooms, access of information and data, publication of news and broadcasting of events thereof through the world wild web and e-signature as a way to facilitate these transactions. All these transactions cause a new type of crimes (cybercrimes) which need an effective techniques and resolution to fight them.  One of the newest resolutions in this issue was the Electronic Arbitration…

In this regard and to deal with this development the Group decided to provide a package of E-Transaction legal services as following:

Corporation of IT, software and communications companies with projects and free zones. And preparing of their internal work regulations. 
Providing specialized legal opinions and consultations concerning all electronic transactions.
Drafting of agreements and contracts related to electronic transactions.
Litigation and defending in their judicial or arbitral disputes wither national or international ones.


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