What is the Scientific Group for Legal Studies & Services?


It is a Professional Law Corporation established in accordance with law No. 131 of 1948 and law No.17 of 1983. It offers legal services and studies in all the fields of law...Read More


What does the group offer for its clients?


It offers legal profession services, legal advices & consultation, studies, information and services through using telecommunications and information technology in all the fields of law. The group also prepares legal training programs and holds seminars and conferences that discuss the legal aspects of all fields and subjects related to and affecting the Arab societyRead More


In which fields are you most specialized?


The group role is significantly growing in various legal fields especially in Mortgage Finance in which many Mortgage Finance Companies & Banks chosen the group to provide them with the legal services, opinions & researches…etc in this field, anti-dumping in accordance with the WTO, Arbitration, Protection of intellectual property, and the legal aspects of electronic commerce & its transactions.


How individuals and companies can get benefits from the services of the group and what are the means of communications?


All can get benefits from the services of the group by dealing directly with the head office of the group at 6 Tahrir Street – el Doki or by sending their requests via means of communication and you can communicate with us via e-mail, fax, phone or mob...Read More


What is The Group contribution to society?


The Group has a significant role in many areas as it provide many helpful  services for free in this web site, it also provide various legal information in several fields such as services of WTO and how can our society benefit of it, awareness of mortgage finance advantages and benefits, beside a special service for citizens of Giza as its principle office is located there. The Group also seeks to provide more services in the future for its society.



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