Faculty of Mass Communication - Cairo University 


Believing in the social participation of the educational organizations, undertaking an academic responsibility, and based on its leadership in the graduation of research and scientific cadres, as well as conducting researches and studies through integrated system carried out by the faculty staff, researchers, and students.

Faculty of Mass Communication – Cairo University

Decided to be the Media Academic Sponsor for "Satellites…Rights & Duties" Conference, In order to start cooperation between them to achieve the following results.

1- Creating a joint vision between governmental bodies and specialized channels in media investment field in the Arab region, in order to preserve and protect creation and intellectual capital as a development tool.

2- Shedding light on the importance, seriousness, and effect of satellite broadcasting media.

3- Encouraging participation of students in different education stages preparing for creative and distinctive cadres in Media field.

4- Assisting in creating mindful generation having the ability of methodical thinking, creation and development

5- Enhancing the Arab participation to achieve the Arab states hopes and desires, with satellites as one of its serious and constructive mechanisms.

Consequently, four work committees are formed to implement the cooperation protocol in order to serve its all aspect:

1- Scientific Committee

It is formed of senior media and law professors, concerned with; defining and preparing the conference work papers, subjects, symposiums, and its work shops, appointing speakers and lecturers, studying and evaluating received researches and studies and preparing the scientific file of the conference…etc.

2- Researches and Studies Committee

It prepares and submits studies that have been developed concerning the conference subjects - Conducts the survey forms in the subjects defined by the executive committee and also conducts field study, researches and participation sessions at local and Arab level with the cooperation of other Mass Communication faculties and studies centers in Egypt and Arab states.

3- Media and Public relations Committee

It undertakes laying down the necessary integrated media plan for the conference and its activities, preparing an integrated press center, holding presentation symposiums about the conference at the faculty premises or in one of the halls located for this purpose as one of media and cultural events and inviting officials of satellite channels, media workers, litterateurs, intellectuals, critics and those interested to introduce the conference and its subjects.

4- Organizational Committee

Students of English division in the faculty would participate in the work of this committee under direct supervision and guidance of the division professors (in coordination with the conference organizing and executive company), They undertake to do all preparation works for the conference and activities place, registration works for participants, supervision on the conference halls, the conference follow up works and also  preparing, organizing and implementing attraction factors during the conference.



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