Now and for the first time


The qualifying program for the General Prosecution Competition


The definition of the program & its objectives:

        For the first time and was pioneers in this field, the scientific group for legal studies is presenting a package of professional legal courses, and it  gave a special priority to the applicants to the position of general prosecution assistant for its importance in the society and for the great message of its members. The group will soon start preparing for similar programs for other judicial bodies. 


        This program aims to give full statement and explanation of all required rules and conditions to the participants, as well as interviews, practical training with the expected questions thereof, beside the psychological and legal preparation for the interviews to qualify the applicants for success.

Program plan:

        The program study plan and method had been set by a panel of former counselors, judges and public prosecutors who will teach and train the participants on it, guided by what is determined by high courts, unanimous opinions of jurists, legal experts, and the public prosecution previous appointments.


        Also, trainees shall have a presentation of other courses presented by the group such as {Arabic and English legal drafting - protection of intellectual property rights - Information Technology Laws & Legislations - Regional and International commercial arbitration - investment and stock market - mortgage finance - banks legal departments}.

         Participants shall obtain a participation certificate, with an advantage for them to work in the Group, one of the major law firms, legal departments of banks, major local commercial firms or branches of foreign companies operating in Egypt according to cooperation protocols with the Group.


Program Schedule




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