Legislations of Media

The group was one of the first civil society institutions that drew attention to the legislative limitations in satellite media, in spite of its large and growing importance.

Many Essential points were risen by the Group in many forums - Conferences - Workshops – Seminars…etc including:

1-      Establish a media professionals syndicate.

2-      Issue tow codes of ethics one of them for media in general and the other for Satellite Channels.

3-      Establish the Satellite Channels Arab Union.

4-      Draw a general legal order for T.V Advertisements to ensure its credibility and to protect the audience.

5-      Draw a general legal frame to regulate Satellite Channels work and to specify their rights and duties.

6-      Request for a big role for the Arab league in regulating Satellite Channels work in the entire Arab region through understanding and communicating between satellite channels owners, licensors, satellite broadcast stations and satellite owners.


In this regard the Group has a great team work qualified in media legislations and the legal issues of visual or audio media' works, In addition to a number of researches and news in this regard. They all considered as essential factors help the Group to serve the following at a highest level:

Provides researches, opinions and substantive legal consultations thereof.
Holds conferences, seminars and workshops in this regard
Drafts related contracts such as partnership, sale and purchasing. And contracts of those dealing with media such as financing, labor and supply.
Corporate media companies and satellite channels with their internal work regulations.
Litigates and defenses in their judicial or arbitral disputes wither national or international ones.


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