Conference Agenda

Mortgage Finance

1- Time: Winter 2013

2- Venue: Cairo

3- Duration: Two days {an opening session, then eight sessions (two sessions for each topic) and a closing session to announce the recommendations}.

4- Subject: Mortgage Finance (Reality Ambition)

5- Topics: A) Legal Topic.

                  B) Economic Topic.

                 C) Technical Topic.

                 D) Social Topic. Each Topic includes subsidiary points comparing with both British and American experiences.

6- Work papers and key Speakers:

Professors of {Law - Economic - Social Engineering}, Legalists, Businessmen and Private Institutions, Bankers, Governmental people in Investment, Reconstruction, Mortgage Finance, Social researches and Statistics Parliamentarians, Partisans and National organizations.

Exhibition on sidelines of the conference:

For Mortgage Finance companies - Brokerage Firms - Real Estate Appraisers - Mortgage Finance Banks - Contractors - Engineering Firms - All Arabian and Egyptian Real estate Building & Constructions bodies.




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