Offered Services


First: - Credit Worthiness Query:

It is an inquiry on the credit worthiness of the borrower (Mortgage Finance applicant), in which the Group:

1- Confirm the validity of data stated in the finance application at the applicant place of resident and work.

2- Verify the applicant reputation, and ability and willingness to fulfill commitments.

1- Confirm no disputes or judicial claims have been raised concerning the applicant.

2- Verify the applicant reputation in his work place.

Second: - Query on the property legal and financial status:

1- Full property Inspection with a report which is made in both written document and photos.

2- Review issued decisions from local councils and districts concerning this property.

3- Check the property file in the real estate registration office and review if there are any applications or registration submitted therein.

4- Check whether the property is burdened with financials or legal burdens.

5- Check the cases rose before courts located at the applicant's residence and property place concerning the property and the current status of those cases at the time of application.

6-Estimated value of the property according to prevailing rate at the property's geographic area

Third: Property Registration:

1- Submit requests for identifying cadastral data.

2- Conduct on-sight inspection by a cadastral engineer.

3- Follow-up technical reviews.

4- Draft the project contract and follow-up till its documentation.

5- Confirm registration

6-Acquiring the document registered in the real estate registration office.

Fourth: Corporate Mortgage Finance corporations:

The group proceeds all corporation procedures needed for Mortgage Finance corporation, obtain needed licenses & approvals to start working in Egypt.

The Group also assists in establishing Mortgage Finance departments in banks, preparing internal models and applications, and identifying process of work therein.

Fifth: - Registration of Mortgages:

The group provides all works needed for registration of mortgages as collateral for financing loan in case of purchasing, construction, or renovating the property at the real estate registration office located in the property district, based on the mortgage contract concluded with the applicant.

Sixth: Debt Collection:-

Collecting the monthly installments from borrowers – finance applicant- for a certain and determined percentage as agreed with the finance institution, in this regard the lender provides debt documents –installments bonds- such as (check- bill of exchange - promissory note – or any other debt verification) on behalf of the lender with an authorization for the Group to collect it.

Seventh: Query on mortgage loan prequalification :

This query is for free in which the group offers the applicant statement of loan prequalification required to purchase (apartment – land – store…etc) after submitting a statement about his work, average income, and social status. After primary checking of data & documents requested the group shall provide the loan applicant with the results and whether he deserve the loan or not, the maximum loan amount, payment period, and the amount of his monthly salary pay-cut, as well as the documents required for loan request. 

Eighth: Procedures for obtaining a mortgage loan:

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Ninth: Services of mortgage broker & appraisal:

The group provides all broker and appraisal services  you need for a cheap price through cooperation protocols with certified brokers and appraisers

Tenth: In house training:-

The group provides specialized training courses in all mortgage finance aspects for companies, institutions, and organizations interested in mortgage finance and procedures thereof. By mortgage finance experts.

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