The Group Services

Includes many works that meets all the requirements of the customers with different specialties and their needs in various fields.

Lawsuits and legal professional services

The group is doing all judicial and lawyering works in all legal disciplines (constitutional, civil, administrative, military, commercial, economic, criminal and family), before all courts of different levels, judicial committees, settlement and dispute resolution, especially criminal matters with financial and economic nature, disputes that fill in the jurisdiction of the economic courts, transportation and maritime insurance cases, maritime disputes and monopolistic competition.

Submitting consultations, opinions, and legal advices

Submitting consultations and legal opinions including legal counsel and legal advice in various areas of law,  local and international supported by legislation, applicable legal provisions, the views of jurisprudence, latest provisions, judicial precedents related practical and statistical  application and indicated the centers of dispute settlement, and arbitration institutions, its rules and provisions and lists of arbitrators.

Real estate financing, refinancing and securitization work

One of the areas that mark the group performance and have got a lot of clients (individuals and companies through the following acts:

  1. Corporate companies of real state financing.

  2. .Drafting and preparing contracts of real estate financing.

  3. Registration of real estate ownership.

  4. Warranty of real estate.

  5. Cancel and erase the mortgage in case of end of payment and upon the request of the funded.

Local and international commercial arbitration especially dispute settlement, antidumping disputes, intellectual property rights and    E-commerce according to WTO convention

The group performs its work in addition to other dispute settlement means like negotiations, mediation and conciliation. As it prepare and draft the terms and provisions of this memes and plead, defend and take all execution procedures of judgments settled these disputes, whether national or international.

Drafting of local and international, civil and commercial contracts

According to accurate legal and language controls that agree with the standards that govern the object of the contract and dealing with those rules and precedents of similar disputes to dam the gaps and avoid misinterpretation and specifying provisions.

Establishment of companies, restructuring and bankruptcy protection

Presenting different legal sides of projects, different activities, documents and   required procedures, legal benefits of investing in some areas, legal form that is appropriate to the activity, taking all necessary legal procedures for the establishment of the company, restructuring, works of merging and acquisitions, intellectual property rights protection, trade marks, patents and bankruptcy protection.

Protection of intellectual property rights

Protection of intellectual property rights from abuse by a new thinking by a team of legal professionals, former specialized police officer, qualified technical experts and following the facts of infringements, their perpetrators, reporting about them and pursuing their lawsuits.

Stock market and issuance of stocks and bonds

Offering shares for public subscription, registering in the compartment and outside the compartment, transferring, circulating and all operations of stock market in accordance with legal requirements and controls of the Egyptian Financial Supervisory Authority. 

Nationality, residency and labor according to the laws of foreign countries that attract immigration, residency, investment, labor and Expatriates services

The group provides two new services on the yard by providing base of legal information for legislation of thirteen countries attractive for immigration including the conditions and rules of immigration, residency, marriage investment and work as well as expatriates services for Egyptians abroad or resident in Egypt by legal professional translators.

Preparing of strategies of performing legal works, management of legal situations, subjects and disputes

It provides you in addition to providing legal advice or opinion of the subject or situation full business strategy as explained above and follow up with others for the benefit of the client and presenting a phased assessment report for each period that would ensure implementation of the plan.

Experts in Islamic financing means and specialists in issuing Islamic instruments

Global economic crisis showing the importance of diversifying financing sources, and Islamic financing means have demonstrated high effectiveness in this regard as it realizes equilibrium between projects need for financing and the economic and social dimension of the state, it became one of the most important funding instruments offered on the scene today, the Scientific group has marked in this area which it given a great care from along time, which bringing her considerable experience and in particular issuing Islamic instruments (Consultations Contracts Disputes).

Evaluating, structuring and organizing the work of legal sectors and departments, providing them with legal technical and logistics support, supervising and following up its work

A new method for management and performance works of legal sectors  and department companies, evaluation, correction, restructuring, functional classification, determining its jurisdiction, determining its framework and relationship within and with other company sectors, reviewing and drafting contracts and work regulations, providing electronic communication with the group to allow easy  communication between all company sectors and members of the group and to take advantage of the legal information bank that we have, put a legal working plan and pursuing its execution by issuing weekly reports of its observation on the performance of work to improve its quality.

Legal aspects of electronic transactions

The enormous and continuing development in the communication technology and the steadily increasing usage to implement different transactions whether local or international and diversity in the electronic transactions and the emergence of what is called e-commerce as a modern image of domestic and international trade, and the development of electronic signature to facilitate these transactions in replacement to the written signature what required to provide a new way to resolve the disputes resulted from these transactions consistent with its nature, and as participating from the group in such development it provides a series of specific services for electronic transactions:

  1. Establishment of IT, software, telecommunication companies, projects, free zones and preparation of its internal labor regulations.

  2. Providing opinions and legal advices specialized in all electronic transactions.

  3. Preparation and drafting of agreements and contracts relating to electronic transactions.

  4. Pleading and defense in its cases and disputes whether judicial or arbitral (domestic or international), civil, commercial or criminal.

  5. Electronic arbitration in accordance with American Arbitration Association (AAA) and Canadian Cyber Tribunal.

Legal translating

The group provides a legal translation of all legal documents such as (contracts, researches, studies, laws, disputes, governmental papers), drafting all types of contracts in English, as well as, providing a translation encyclopedia for nationality, residence, work, marriage and investment laws, and their procedures for twelve foreign countries  to which most of immigrants immigrated.

Holding conferences, seminars and regulate specialized legal training courses

The group is holding seminars, conferences and workshops in various areas of law, particularly international trade, arbitration, means of dispute settlement, electronic transactions, media legislation, real estate finance and other areas that concern and influence the Arab community, and organizes specialized training courses in various legal aspects at its centers or within companies and institutions working in this area, through its experts and technicians.




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