Topics for Discussions


Every month the Group presents a number of legal subjects that concern the society to be publicly published, in order to receive your views and legal experts' ones and submit it through this window for public discussions.

The Group in this concern welcomes all your submissions about these subjects and promise to publish it every month through this site.

The first topic is "Dumping" in which we are going to discuss these questions:S

         Are you concerned about dumping cases?

         Do you want to complain a country dumped the Egyptian market with its products?

         Do you realize your anti-dumping right as a Manufacturer?

         Do you have an attorney concerned with your work in this issue?

         What do you want to know about dumping and the role of WTO in this issue?

Send us your opinion and questions via E-mail: then it will be published no later than 30th of November.





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