About us

Elite of former counselors who had the honor to work in the judiciary and public prosecution in Egypt, and put on their shoulders the letter to raise the legal community, believing in their role in raising the banner of justice, converged them on the same goals an elite of legal professionals with their talents and expertise and with the assistance of a complete team work in various fields......(Team Work)

So, the scientific group has come as civilian company for lawyering  registered in accordance with the provisions of the egyptian civil and lawyering law for the purpose of practicing the work of the legal profession and to provide legal advice and services, preparation of specialized legal programs and courses, conferences and symposia which discuss legal aspects of important topics that are linked to the needs of the community, to highlight its role day after day in various legal fields, and distinction in the legal aspects of mortgage financing, arbitration and dumping cases in accordance with the provisions of the world trade organization (WTO), media legislation, the legal aspects of trade and electronic transactions and protection of intellectual property rights, so, it became has a base of customers with prestige and weight in various activities in Egypt and abroad......(Our Clients)

The work of the group characterized by commitment of right professional rules and behavior according to the international standards what make us a member of major international organizations......(Including)

In addition to the membership of the members of the group in the London court of international arbitration, chartered institute of arbitrators, union of Arab lawyers, the Egyptian association of political economy and legislations and the Egyptian association of international law. 

This website has been established to achieve primary objectives of the Group, to announce and activate its existence on the local and international legal arena and also, as a presentation for its entire forthcoming works......(Contact us)




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