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In order to raise the awareness of law rules and regulations, the Group decided to collect law codes & Legislations that could be useful for a lot of us. In this page we have classified Egyptian laws as following....Read more

This bank is the outcome of your questions to the site, we collect them with their answers to be useful for all the site visitors…Read more

Now…In order to make it easier for its visitors the Group collected all E-Government services from various Egyptian bodies in this page … Read more

The group provides: free legal advice, counseling, and opinion for all your important legal issues…Read more

In this page the Group provide many useful URLs of national and international sites related to the Group and/or its services wither Governmental or NGOs to help the site visitors…Read more

As an acknowledgment , the chairman of the group for the people of the First county in Giza as a member of one of its largest families, and believing in civil society institutions role…Read more



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