Offered Services

Believing in the Group role in enhancing the legal community and in the importance of the WTO, its role in settling trade disputes and others arising out of conflicts under its agreement, the singularity of its procedures concerning dispute settlement body, anti-dumping, anti-subsidies and Intellectual Property rights, the particularity of their rules and regulations and the lack of specialists and experts in these matters which lead a lot of developing countries not to resort thereof as they donít have qualified law firms specialized in these matters (they are only limited to international law firms with high cost).

All the foregoing factors encouraged the Group - with a great team work of qualified specialists - and for more than three years to provide these following services:

  • Performs disputes settlement procedures before DSB of the WTO in   accordance with the Dispute Settlement Understanding


  • Submits dumping and subsidies claims, performs their procedures before specialized panels and bodies, ensures the enforcement of their awards in accordance with the WTO rules & agreement, special bilateral agreements and national laws of WTO members (parties to the claim).


  • Performs claims of Intellectual Property in accordance with the TRIPS agreement.




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